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"Wolność to umiejętność kreowania własnego życia według własnych marzeń" – Leszek K.







As we know the Soul is eternal. There are young and old souls but it doesn’t concern the time or soul’s age. I mean it pertains to the level of soul’s experience. Sometimes I look back on my twenties and compare my feelings then and nowadays. There is a part of my soul which is still the same: young, willing to learn and  explore my life, optimistic with a positive life vision etc. There is a part of my soul enriched with needed experiences.  I think I return my soul to get more valuable experiences …. A mature life starts when most of people feel it has gone ……


Our body has 7 chakras. Similarly we have 7 Earth Chakras. There are special places that maintain and balance energy of our body and Earth. Glastonbury,  Avebury and Stonehenge are known as a location of Chakra of Heart. One of the most important chakra. Chakra of Heart is considered as a chakra of love. It was a sheer enjoyment to visit such places. We may say that there are Spiritual Places with a strong energy field. I believe it is a kind of Divine Energy. When we go there with an awareness and purposefully our experience is more powerful. The energy of this Chakra let us to open the mind and heart in order to be touched by this energy even then we leave the area of chakra. I believe that it works in a short and long term. Additionally Glastonbury is a beautiful town. We may feel  particular energy and visit three fascinating historic places. Glastonbury Tor is the hill with the St Michael’s Tower at the top. You can see its magical view from many location walking in Glastonbury. There is something what attracts you and encourage to look at the hill over and over again. Of course it is very easy to walk up the hill. The Chalice  Well is the unusual garden. Beautiful greenery, flowers, benches to sit, relax or even meditate. The energy of the gardens is gentle and peaceful. Finally the Glastonbury Abbey  are ruins of   monastery from 7th century with the tomb of legendary King Arthur and his wife Queen Guinevere. It is located in the spacious park. The next place we have visited in context of the Earth Heart Chakra is Stonehenge. The most famous and you may see there more people. It doesn’t mean more powerful, just organized as a business. It is not difficult to find an occasion walk with a bit contemplation. There is a huge open space and from  the visitor centre you need take a bus or walk 2-3 km to see the monument. Of course the better choice is walk. The Stonehenge monument is the stone circle which with around 5000 years history. You must be curious and got there with your open mind in order to experience the beauty and power of this place. It is possible to walk around the monument and enjoy the possibility to be there. Then is time for  thinking, time to try to feel and experience something new.  Three hours stay in Stonehenge is enough time for this spiritual experience.  Finally Avebury with its huge stone circles. Avebury is a small very historic village. There are three stone circles and you may walk everywhere, touch or embrace stones. There is huge open space similar to Stonehenge. You may wonder why these stone circles were build but for me the most important was to be there and let with confidence and trust to flow the energy and work for my the highest good. I believe that when you go to  such places like Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avebury and you are able to open widely your mind and heart you will come back rejuvenated energetically. I presume that this Earth Chakra  energy works constantly in the long term. This spiritual triangle is magic …..

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We are shaped by the system. At the beginning our parents tell us what is good and evil, what we are able to do and what is impossible, how to live and what to choose etc. The educational system prepare us to be a small cog of the huge economic machine. The media show us what is worth to put our effort into or work the whole life for. We are placed on the narrow path called a free life. Our shaped beliefs and knowing structures keep us on this grooved track . We are not free if our awareness of being shaped by the external condition  doesn’t exist. We may decide which credit card use, how big might be a loan or what to buy in order to feel better temporarily. The process of Universal Growth starts when we are able to notice our predicament, when we put effort to go beyond our beliefs and knowing structures. What happened yesterday in the US is a fantastic example of exceeding all frames, beliefs and thoughts what is possible and what is not. Appearing throughout the world astonishment show exactly what I am writing about. We can’t understand this phenomenon using old beliefs and existing knowing structures. If we use all the time the same unconscious beliefs and emotional patterns in our life we will never move forward. The world is beautiful and the global level of awareness still increases. Doesn’t matter what Donald Trump will do or is able to with his presidency. What happened yesterday was a fantastic example that dreams don’t have to be illusion and  may come true ….







I am not interested in politics. This kind of human activities has definitely a low level of energetic vibrations. However I am a trader and my fundamental approach requires to follow some world economic data. I do this as little as I have to in the context of trading. The financial markets are finally moved by politics and economic data and are influenced by the US Presidential Election. Generally speaking Hilary Clinton’s win will bring a kind of status quo .  The reaction of the financial markets should be subdued. I mean all is already  in prices including potential Fed rate hike in December.  However an effort to maintain a status quo in long term always leads to the retrograde motion what we can notice looking at the changing and limiting  US position as a hegemon. No matter who wins the election this process will be continued. The US simply can’t endlessly extend its debt in order to maintain for example the military position. I mean this process has started but may take years or even decades to change the world order.   Donald Trump who I sympathize with as a president can abandon substantially a status quo. Paradoxically I believe it can enhance the role of the US but not necessary as a hegemon. His win undoubtedly can bring some panic and changes into the financial markets and amid American establishment.  Maybe we are witnessing the forming of the new world order ? God knows  ….






The financial markets are affected by US election. I found something today. I don’t exactly know who Donald Trump is . My jaw dropped to the floor  :-o
It has been exactly what I had been thinking  since a few years. It concerns many, many countries throughout the world…

If you are interested in to watch and listen to this video, start from 1.05 min please.


If you don’t know you have been shaped by the system you will never be free ….



A few years ago I divided the whole area of our lives into a five parts. No matter what kind of activity we choose it may be qualified into one of the existing area. The foundation of everything and the most important area contains our emotions. Emotions are simply the energy which flows constantly through all life areas. The kind of  emanated energy /positive or negative – low or high vibrations/ set your life. The majority of negative emotions will always create mostly negative life and vice versa. You absolutely can’t shape positive and happy life when the foundation is negative. Most of people are not aware of that and build a house begin from the roof . That is fine when your foundation is naturally positive but in over 90 % of cases is not.  In order to be in harmony what I mean is happiness all five area have to be in harmony as well. You need to be fully aware of the importance of each area. Even one neglected area limits achieving the state of harmony. To be honest it even destroys your life. The most valuable way to build and maintain constantly happiness is understand the core and meaning of the foundation – YOUR  EMOTIONS…..














Thomas Otten „Espiritu”

Spain - Frigiliana - the view from the top of the hill El fuerte





Frigiliana is well-known as a tourist destination around Malaga. Frigiliana is located about 50 km from Malaga  and it is an excellent destination for one day trip.   This beautiful place is called „white village”.  If you look at the pictures of Frigiliana you can see only whitewashed small houses. The village has a historic character and a fantastic location in the mountains. Initially the small narrow and cobbled streets than attractive path  lead you up to The El Fuerte hill. Now we can see a picturesque view of Frigiliana , the Mediterranean Sea and mountains. I wanted to see in Spain something small, historic, beautiful and located in the mountains. Without a doubt Frigiliana has fully met my expectation.

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When you come back from Frigiliana to Malaga by bus you need to change in Nerja. It is a tourist resort and to be honest I didn’t expect anything special there. However I like to see and visit new places when is an occasion. Nerja gifted me with the Balcony of Europe that turned to be an absolutely fantastic place. The beaches with cliffs and adjacent square are still in my memory. I love such surprises ;-)

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The flight from Cusco to Lima


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