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El Hierro - the view from the Mirador de La Peña





El Hierro
As I mentioned El Hierro is the smallest island of the Canary Islands. I was very curious and excited to visit the last island of the archipelago which I had not visited before. The flights between islands are served by airlne company called Binter Canarias. Their fleet consists of  the small propeller-powered aircrafts. The flight from Tenerife – North Airport to El Hierro takes only 40 minutes bit is very interesting. It is possible to see an aerial view of Tenerife and  another Canary Island – La Gomera which is located on the flight path to El Hierro. The plane landed in the airport located in Valverde – 7 km from a small town that is the capital of El Hierro. The very small and cosy airport with the runway around 100 m from the coastline. We found a minibus to Valverde and it was an occasion to say hello El Hierro.  A half full minibus was going on the serpentine road up becasue  this area has an elevation around 600 metres. Waiting for another bus it was a chance to walk in Valverde and see closely this quite old architecture and feel a quiet atmosphere of the capital :-) Our hotel was booked in La Restinga the southermost poin of the Island. It was very exciting for me to see on the map only this small village in this part of the island and imagine our stay there. La Restinga is a lovely place famous of diving centres. However in February when is off season a village was nearly empty. Just a few narrow and crossed streets but with a nice and interesting harbour. It was really great pleasure to see this place during 5 days. Just behind the village very poor but amazing colcanic landscape. Nothing just the hard lava which formed small mountains and hills and fantastic coastline. We could walked around without seeing anybody, just exotic landscape. The southern part of the island is absolutely empty apart from La Restinga. El Hierro has only 278 square km and 10 000  population. We may call it a tiny island but very exciting. 5 days stay is absolutely not enough  to travel across the island in a moderate pace and contemplate its beauty and mystery. I like El Hierro the most out of all Canary Islands.

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Tenerife - Puerto de la Cruz






My first journey to Tenerife took place in 2008. In the meantime I visited the island once. This time was third because of convenient and affordable return flight from Tenerife to El Hierro. Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary Islands and El Hierro the smallest.
Tenerife South Airport welcomed us with a good warm weather being a contrast to English winter cold. The airport is very busy and full with people, coaches and other vehicles. Waiting for a bus to Puerto de la Cruz I could see taking off planes every 5-10 minutes. It is a huge business all year round. A bus goes to Puerto de la Cruz around the island and it takes around an hour and a half. A lot has changed for the better there. A bit colder and cloudy but you may sea a beautiful town located between the ocean and volcanic rocks. The town is often visited by tourists but still not crowded, quiet , very attractive, safe, hospitable and a lot more. Every evening you may hear played nice music in a few places. Puerto de la Cruz has its unrepeatable spirit and beauty. There is a beautiful few kilometres walk along the ocean from one side of the town to other. Normally you may see  a great view of Mount Teide above but this time was covered by clouds most of the time.
I don’t like to travel to the same place again but Puerto de la Cruz is an exception and I loved to be there. The main tourist attraction and destination is  Loro Park. It is the zoo but unusual zoo. It is located in the beautifully maintained evergreen park. Visiting the zoo takes a few hours at least . It is not boring to stay there even the whole day long. The most exciting thing in Loro Park are shows performed by orcas, dolphins, sea lions and parrots. These shows are really top quality and animals and trainers seem to be happy during the performance. Puerto de la Cruz is linked by bus with the heart of Tenerife – Teide National Park. The huge area presenting unusual wild and fabulous landscape. Everywhere hard old lave forming this enormous crater with many rock formations. Everything located over 2000 m above sea level. Sometimes Puerto de la Cruz is with clouds but Teide Park welcomes us with a clear blue sky. Most of the area of the park is located at the bottom of the volcano El Teide – the highest peak of Spain /3700 m above sea level/ It was only three days long stay in Tenerife but very exciting an engrossing. Maybe I will go there forth times ? :-)  We have started to thing about our flight to El Hierro….

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Gozo is the second largest inhabited island of the Republic of Malta and covers only 64 square kilometers. Around 10 km journey by a ferry takes less than one hour. The Malta Island is very good linked linked with Gozo by ferries. Ferries are quite big and able to transfer cars as well. It was a big pleasure to sail and sea the Malta Island from the sea. My trip to Gozo was one day excursion and I decided to visit the place which seemed to be the most interesting to me – the Dwejra Bay. It was excellent choice and I could spend a few hours walking and enjoying fabulous views, beautiful coastline and rock formations. The landscape of Gozo and the entire country of Malta is quite flat but unusual about colours of rocks and its shapes. I think so I haven’t seen anything like that so far. I am still impressed. When I was coming back to the ferry passenger terminal I intuitively wanted to see the capital of Gozo Rabat. Its population is around 7000 inhabitants. The old part of town was really worth to visit and surprised me a lot. This day in Gozo was a gift for me. Everything was absolutely fine.

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The third largest island of the Republic of Malta is Comino. It sounds funny because Comino covers only 3.5 square kilometers in area. It was one of the smallest islands I have ever been. There is only one or two hotels. Comino is linked with Malta Island by small ferries sailing regularly during the day. The distance is just a few kilometers. The destination for ferries in Comino is the Blue Lagoon. The water is really blue, one of the best I have ever seen. Additionally a coastline is unusual too. I spend a few hours in Comino and walked around the island. On foot it is not such tiny :-) Maltese landscape looks poor but remains unrepeatable. During return sail from Comino the boat was sailing very close to the coastline of Comino let us admire from short distance the rocks and caves. It was absolutely fantastic experience.

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Malta Island - The Blue Grotto





Malta Island

It is genuinely beautiful island. The main island of the Republic of Malta. In November a temperature is around 20 degrees centigrade during the day. So very warm to visit what you like.  The countryside has a lot of flat land but its coastline is amazing. Absolutely fantastic rocks shaped in the naturally fabulous way. The Blue Grotto is a good example. I joined in a few short boat trip during my stay in Malta and it was an excellent occasion to see everything from a short distance.  A lot of old „yellow” buildings particularly Valletta, Mdina and Birgu. Malta is blessed with many prehistoric megalithic temples. What does it mean to me ? It means that for some reason it was a special place on Earth and attracted contemporaneous people to live there and leave the signs of their culture up to now. Of course everything is artificially rebuilt but eternal energy still flows in these places. I visited two temples : Tarxien Temples and Hagar Qim Temples. Everything in Malta exceeded all my expectations. If I had been a free man I would have stayed there for at least a few months :-)






Malta as a country is called the Republic of Malta and is located in the Mediterranean Sea 80 km from Italy and around 300 km from Tunisia and Libya. The country  is made up of number of islands and constitute the Maltese Archipelago. The Republic of Malta covers just 316 square km with a population  around 450 000. The  largest island is Malta /246 square km/. The second largest island is Gozo /67 square km/ Both of them are inhabited. The third inhabited island is tiny Comino /3,5 square km/ . I think so the Maltese Archipelago consist of a dozen islands but most of them are only small rocks. The country is very tiny but exceptionally interesting and engrossing. Its long history is confirmed by many of Neolithic temples. Local people look similar to Moroccan. Maltese society is really multi-ethnic and I always had to put some effort to find Maltese :-) All people can communicate in English even elderly. They probably remember British Empire.  Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English. Malta obtained the independence from British Empire in 1964 but is still a member of British Commonwealth. Valletta is the capital of the Republic of Malta. This very little city /0,8 square km/ is absolutely fascinating and unusual. Of course Malta is the member of the European Union and this fact probably meaningfully decides about Maltese multi-ethnic society. The unemployment is very low around 4%. The biggest island of the Republic of Malta is Malta that is sometimes called Valetta to distinguish the name from country’s name. Most of the population of the country live in Malta Island. The part of the island around Valletta is very densely populated. One town borders with another without a free space. There are a lot of cars and I could see regular traffic jams every day. Malta has an extraordinary architecture and every building and house is …. yellow. It is the colour of Maltese limestone.

I was very intrigued looking at the pictures of Valetta before my travel to Malta. The panoramic view of Valletta from a distance is fabulous and astonishing. This tiny city is located on the very small peninsula and fully walled. Valletta was a fortress. During my walking tour around the peninsula and along the walls I could see a fantastic upper view of the city, the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful other small peninsulas and bays. I was thinking how Valetta looks inside. The city was built in XVI century according to the grid street plan. It means that streets run at right angles to each other. Contrary to appearances Valetta is not tight inside. There are a lot of narrow beautiful streets. However there are spacious squares and gardens too. Most of the city is free from cars and used only by pedestrians. Additionally looking outside of the city we have panoramic views. At the edge of the city we may visit two twinned beautiful gardens. The Lower Barraka Garden and The Upper Barraka Gardens. Particularly the second one is really exceptional. I find it as the most beautiful place in Valletta. There is a breathtaking panoramic view from this place.

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Spain - Frigiliana - the view from the top of the hill El fuerte





Frigiliana is well-known as a tourist destination around Malaga. Frigiliana is located about 50 km from Malaga  and it is an excellent destination for one day trip.   This beautiful place is called „white village”.  If you look at the pictures of Frigiliana you can see only whitewashed small houses. The village has a historic character and a fantastic location in the mountains. Initially the small narrow and cobbled streets than attractive path  lead you up to The El Fuerte hill. Now we can see a picturesque view of Frigiliana , the Mediterranean Sea and mountains. I wanted to see in Spain something small, historic, beautiful and located in the mountains. Without a doubt Frigiliana has fully met my expectation.

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When you come back from Frigiliana to Malaga by bus you need to change in Nerja. It is a tourist resort and to be honest I didn’t expect anything special there. However I like to see and visit new places when is an occasion. Nerja gifted me with the Balcony of Europe that turned to be an absolutely fantastic place. The beaches with cliffs and adjacent square are still in my memory. I love such surprises ;-)

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Malaga - city centre





From Gibraltar and La Linea de la Conception to Malaga is around 3-4 hours by bus. The most of time the bus was going close to the coastline with countless tourist resorts. Anything special but, the blue sky, sunshine some palm trees and small Spanish towns delivered a sensation of good energy and relaxing atmosphere. We need to remember that from air conditioned bus the hot weather is experienced much better :-)  The centre of Malaga was very noisy and a bit repulsive. However it was only a first impression and the necessity to adapt and find ourselves in the new conditions. Malaga lies on the Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun) and is the big city with population 600 000 and combine city tourist attractions with beaches. There are kilometers long beaches on either side of Malaga. You may lie down or stroll along the beach soaking feet in the sea :-) I have seen a couple of nudist beaches in the past. However for the first time I could see many women topless on the normal crowded beaches. It looked like commonly  accepted behavior.   From the city of Malaga to the beach is only a few hundred meters. The historic city centre of Malaga is small but beautiful, well maintained and cosy with two nice squares.  All is beautiful during the day and in the evening. The Castle of Gibralfaro is located on the high hill. There is really fantastic panorama of Malaga from there. Climbing is a big pleasure even in the sun:-) The port of Amalgam has a big area. Its part is located almost in the city centre. We may find there plenty of space to walk, relax and feel how the world beautiful is.  It is always an occasion to show gratefulness and ask fore even more abundance …..

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It is the typical tourist resort located around 15 kilometers from Malaga. A few kilometers long beach is divided into plenty small beaches named and organized separately. I have never seen anything like that. It was nice to walk and look but to be honest I wouldn’t like to be there longer than one day:-)

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La Linea de la Concepcion




La Linea de la Concepcion is the Spanish town with population 63000 and borders with Gibraltar which is with walking distance. Hotels are more affordable in La Linea than in Gibraltar and it is why we stayed there. Besides when Gibraltar sleeps La Linea still is awake and the streets are full of people. Many restaurants are open serving locals meals and giving to people a chance get together what the Spanish really love. July’s evenings are fantastically warm. The town centre has a historic look what together with some greener, palm trees and lights create a special atmosphere and relaxing ambiance. La Linen has its own beaches located at the Mediterranean Sea and Bay of Gibraltar. I expect only to stay for nights in this town bit finally it turned to be nice place to visit and enjoy summer evenings.


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Gibraltar - Europa Point





Gibraltar is the British Overseas Territory. The beautiful tiny piece of land located on the Iberian Peninsula. The area of Gibraltar is only around 7 square kilometers and borders with Spain. There is still a border control between Gibraltar and the town La Linea de la Conception located in Spain. I am not sure why it works like that. Maybe the reason is that the UK doesn’t belong to the Schengen Area. I was intrigued by Gibraltar since a few years. The Rock of Gibraltar was attracting my attention. You may think that is nothing to do in Gibraltar except for taking the cable car on the top of mountains. Yes, it can be a very short visit.  On the other hand if you are in Gibraltar it is very easy to notice that the Rock of Gibraltar is not only miraculous but enormous as well. The elevation is only 426 m /1400 Ft/ above sea level. It is possible to walk around the mountain or reach the upper rock area in three places. Everywhere you see the rock but from a different perspective. There is a fantastic  view changing itself  when you walk on the upper rock areas. The Strait of Gibraltar is very narrow – 14 km. It is easy to see North Africa. Walking on the rock and looking at it from a distance I could feel the solid foundation and imagine the very strong support. There are two important symbols which this mountain represents. If you experience both of them at the same time you will never be lost in your life. When you are in Gibraltar the Rock is your inseparable companion. You may see it all the time even you are in Spanish town La Linea de la Conception. Another great attraction of Gibraltar is Europa Point – the southernmost point of Gibraltar. The location is on the beautiful cliff with a flat area. Around you everywhere astonishing views and you become willing move your eyes back and forth from the Rock of Gibraltar to the Strait of Gibraltar with Africa or from beautiful area of the Europa Point with the cliffy costliness to the Mediterranean Sea. It was five days in unusual company of Gibraltar.  Of course the monkeys are there :-) quite a lot. They are quiet until you have nothing to eat in your hand. The monkeys are very willing to jump on you and enjoy your food :-) The monkey live on the upper rock. Gibraltar is very famous for its monkeys. There is the airport in Gibraltar. It had to be real priority for Gibraltar to have the airport because it works very strangely. The only road Winston Churchill Avenue connects  Gibraltar with Spain and vice versa. The curiosity is that the road crosses the runway:-) During landing and taking off all the traffic is stopped. Have you heard anything like that ? :-) If you like you may cross the runaway on foot. I enjoyed to do this many times :-)

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London July 216






The post from 26.11.2015


My short trip to London was in July. That means a few months ago. However I still remember those interesting days.Why ? There is some reasons at least :-) London was very friendly, even quiet and not too expensive when you are able to keep your wallet under control.:-) The main highlights of London are located in the city centre and you can see all of them just walking. I really enjoyed to see again the most famous places of London which I had seen for the first time 6 years ago. I took the picture on the Tower Bridg,e the same like six years ago and the reflection came to my mind. How was your life during past six years ? What kinds of good things happened? Have you got what you expected ? What happened in your inner and spiritual development during elapsed time?  Was it a progress in your life ?  etc. I may say all is well :-)
During this stay I discovered the city of London. The very modern part of London where you can walk among the high glass buildings and still to see saved single churches. I appreciated people who respected history when this part of London was planned and built.
Of course there are still a lot of places in London to see and enjoy and where I have not been yet. I would like to spent a month or two in London and explore the city every day. Yes, that sounds like a big dream, but if you don’t have any dreams you don’t even have  any chance to come true them.

In the meantime I have been to London many times but only travelling somewhere else via London and spending only a few hours in order to see something new.

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