A few months ago I went to the local library to find any book concerning numerology. They had one in their system but not on the shelve :-)  I started to search for something interesting for me. Finally  I had in my hands a book entitled „The Source”. I begin to read a cover and it was about magic in life etc. I thought another book similar to hundreds others. However I needed to read something and borrowed this book. The book turned out to be about the Moon, her power of influence on our lives and how to use it in our favor. We may pretend or ignore that such influence exist. Physical impact of the gravitational  forces of the Moon on Earth is obvious and scientifically proved. We are the children of Mother Earth so  the energy of the Moon touches our bodies. I am sure not only bodies but our minds, feelings and emotions too. The contents of the book comes from the channeling. The author had got it from Mother Shipton during many self-hypnotic trances. For me channeling is a natural, valuable and credible phenomenon in a spiritual reality. How to find happiness, fulfillment, abundance and a lot of more in our lives  is a question answered in many books. Then, what does make this book exceptional ? The topics to work on are generally well-known:  forgiveness, self-forgiveness, giving back to others, self-purification, cleaning own negative emotions and thoughts, building the dreams or home with free uncluttered space around. There are crucial areas appearing as important on many spiritual paths. Using the interesting rituals and trances we have a chance to bring magic into our lives by traveling to the source. Now the most important matter – we are supposed to do all our work in sync with the Moon in order do harness her power and energy that is crucial to bring magic to our real material personal world. Yes, working in harmony with Sister Moon is something new for me. I always felt that I am a part, a molecule of the Universe , that there are energies which I can use in my favor. Whereas I wasn’t  fully aware that  the power can be such close in our solar system and not necessarily far away in the endless Universe …  The excellent book to work with ….

„From here you will start to notice a sequence in the journey. You will start to work with the phases of the Moon. To fully harness the power of each phase of the Moon, the rites, rituals and trances of each chapter form a pattern – a flow. This flow is to harness the strongest energy of Sister Moon and Mother Earth. Each chapter and step on the journey links with the next phase of the Moon. „