Wayne W. Dyer passed away in 2015th at the age of 75 years. His book „Wishes fulfilled” was written in his seventies. I find this book as a core of his teaching. I have never read anything else by W.Dyer but I feel I am right. The book shows his passion for life living exactly in accordance with his teaching. He was over seventy years old man full of positive energy, creativity despite his diagnosed leukemia which wasn’t a cause of his death. I have read a lot of books concerning personal growth but this was indeed exceptional. I was feeling that during the entire time of reading. You may read about the same issues in many books but his writing seems to come from The Divine Space. Crucial and foundational belief of the whole author’s teaching is the notion of our identity. We have many Divine elements inside us. We live in the material five senses world but our ultimate nature is Divine. Learning to focus on our Divine nature and expand it inwardly is a kind of revolutionary change in our thinking and perceiving ourselves. This way of thinking and feeling is supposed to lead us to shift the definition who we really are. The author goes very far and let us feel and act as God. We are oneness with God ,so we are God. From this our new Divine perspective , with our new Divine identity everything looks differently. We may feel creators with a huge ability to take a lot of advantages from  possibilities we meet in everyday life. It is the foundation how to reach the wishes fulfilled life. Most of our attention is supposed to be placed into inner world instead of  outer world. Another crucial areas contain imagination and feelings. Imagination is our unlimited tool and we may put there anything and everything. What we can imagine we need to feel clearly in our body. Imagination and feelings open for us the way to our unconscious mind. What the author underlines constantly that our unconscious mind is connected to One Divine Mind where everything is available from the past and in the future. We are not able to use this Divine support just only acting physically in order to achieve our goals. The process must be practiced in the present tense not in the future. The force and willingness to manifest our wishes have to be stronger than the resistance coming constantly from other people and outer circumstances. There is a huge challenge and something absolutely different what we used to do through the whole life. Most of us is shaped mainly through the outer world. It is all in a short and you may read it in many books but Wane Dyer’s teaching is exceptional. The whole book contains a lot of spiritual positive creative energy, plenty of his faith in people, his unique explanation of the process which he was practicing successfully  during his entire life.

„I am inviting you to be receptive to a radical new idea about yourself. It’s radical because ever since you left your mother’s womb , you have been subjected to cultural conditioning designed to help you be content with living a „normal life” at the level of ordinary consciousness, which generally means accepting whatever life hands you. In many ways you have been programmed to believe that you do not possess the wisdom or ability to manifest the fulfillment of your wishes and desires.”

„I have been explaining the importance of thoughts, thinking, self-concepts and imagination. These are all invisible formulations that you enact. Your imagination and your concept of yourself are formless thoughts that you can change. Recreate your thoughts – making your imagination your own private inner territory – and ultimately you will act based on how you have used this amazing power that you possess. Furthermore, allowing your highest self to rule – thinking like God thinks – means all things are possible”.

„The validity of a universal subconscious mind that is the only one mind is a concept that ego struggles to understand. It is of the highest order of importance if you want to master the art of manifestation.”