El Hierro - the view from the Mirador de La Peña





El Hierro
As I mentioned El Hierro is the smallest island of the Canary Islands. I was very curious and excited to visit the last island of the archipelago which I had not visited before. The flights between islands are served by airlne company called Binter Canarias. Their fleet consists of  the small propeller-powered aircrafts. The flight from Tenerife – North Airport to El Hierro takes only 40 minutes bit is very interesting. It is possible to see an aerial view of Tenerife and  another Canary Island – La Gomera which is located on the flight path to El Hierro. The plane landed in the airport located in Valverde – 7 km from a small town that is the capital of El Hierro. The very small and cosy airport with the runway around 100 m from the coastline. We found a minibus to Valverde and it was an occasion to say hello El Hierro.  A half full minibus was going on the serpentine road up becasue  this area has an elevation around 600 metres. Waiting for another bus it was a chance to walk in Valverde and see closely this quite old architecture and feel a quiet atmosphere of the capital :-) Our hotel was booked in La Restinga the southermost poin of the Island. It was very exciting for me to see on the map only this small village in this part of the island and imagine our stay there. La Restinga is a lovely place famous of diving centres. However in February when is off season a village was nearly empty. Just a few narrow and crossed streets but with a nice and interesting harbour. It was really great pleasure to see this place during 5 days. Just behind the village very poor but amazing colcanic landscape. Nothing just the hard lava which formed small mountains and hills and fantastic coastline. We could walked around without seeing anybody, just exotic landscape. The southern part of the island is absolutely empty apart from La Restinga. El Hierro has only 278 square km and 10 000  population. We may call it a tiny island but very exciting. 5 days stay is absolutely not enough  to travel across the island in a moderate pace and contemplate its beauty and mystery. I like El Hierro the most out of all Canary Islands.

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