Malta as a country is called the Republic of Malta and is located in the Mediterranean Sea 80 km from Italy and around 300 km from Tunisia and Libya. The country  is made up of number of islands and constitute the Maltese Archipelago. The Republic of Malta covers just 316 square km with a population  around 450 000. The  largest island is Malta /246 square km/. The second largest island is Gozo /67 square km/ Both of them are inhabited. The third inhabited island is tiny Comino /3,5 square km/ . I think so the Maltese Archipelago consist of a dozen islands but most of them are only small rocks. The country is very tiny but exceptionally interesting and engrossing. Its long history is confirmed by many of Neolithic temples. Local people look similar to Moroccan. Maltese society is really multi-ethnic and I always had to put some effort to find Maltese :-) All people can communicate in English even elderly. They probably remember British Empire.  Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English. Malta obtained the independence from British Empire in 1964 but is still a member of British Commonwealth. Valletta is the capital of the Republic of Malta. This very little city /0,8 square km/ is absolutely fascinating and unusual. Of course Malta is the member of the European Union and this fact probably meaningfully decides about Maltese multi-ethnic society. The unemployment is very low around 4%. The biggest island of the Republic of Malta is Malta that is sometimes called Valetta to distinguish the name from country’s name. Most of the population of the country live in Malta Island. The part of the island around Valletta is very densely populated. One town borders with another without a free space. There are a lot of cars and I could see regular traffic jams every day. Malta has an extraordinary architecture and every building and house is …. yellow. It is the colour of Maltese limestone.

I was very intrigued looking at the pictures of Valetta before my travel to Malta. The panoramic view of Valletta from a distance is fabulous and astonishing. This tiny city is located on the very small peninsula and fully walled. Valletta was a fortress. During my walking tour around the peninsula and along the walls I could see a fantastic upper view of the city, the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful other small peninsulas and bays. I was thinking how Valetta looks inside. The city was built in XVI century according to the grid street plan. It means that streets run at right angles to each other. Contrary to appearances Valetta is not tight inside. There are a lot of narrow beautiful streets. However there are spacious squares and gardens too. Most of the city is free from cars and used only by pedestrians. Additionally looking outside of the city we have panoramic views. At the edge of the city we may visit two twinned beautiful gardens. The Lower Barraka Garden and The Upper Barraka Gardens. Particularly the second one is really exceptional. I find it as the most beautiful place in Valletta. There is a breathtaking panoramic view from this place.

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