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"Wolność to umiejętność kreowania własnego życia według własnych marzeń" – Leszek K.







This American national holiday brought to my mind attention and thinking about independence. What does it really independence mean looking at every single person ? American Constitution gave people freedom and rights. Living in the democratic countries we have got freedom and rights.  We are free to make own decisions. But does it mean we are fully independent ? We were born as Divine Creatures however fully dependent. Dependent on our parents, environment, then education system, economic system, other people and when we became adults living in democratic countries we are convinced to be free. Is that logical ? We live at the time of globalization. To my mind it is an another factor that cases unification and dependence giving an illusion of independence. The United States of America is proud of its constitution and freedom. That’s great. On the other hand this country is one of the most important source of globalization which influenced by huge commercial companies shapes people’s minds around the world. Then what’s wrong ? Nothing is wrong, all is well, we just live in the world that shapes our personality and minds not asking about a consent. In other words our minds are framed and we are free and independent but only inside a frame. Only the awareness of this situation give a chance to cross a frame and open a door to the true independence …















Wayne W. Dyer passed away in 2015th at the age of 75 years. His book „Wishes fulfilled” was written in his seventies. I find this book as a core of his teaching. I have never read anything else by W.Dyer but I feel I am right. The book shows his passion for life living exactly in accordance with his teaching. He was over seventy years old man full of positive energy, creativity despite his diagnosed leukemia which wasn’t a cause of his death. I have read a lot of books concerning personal growth but this was indeed exceptional. I was feeling that during the entire time of reading. You may read about the same issues in many books but his writing seems to come from The Divine Space. Crucial and foundational belief of the whole author’s teaching is the notion of our identity. We have many Divine elements inside us. We live in the material five senses world but our ultimate nature is Divine. Learning to focus on our Divine nature and expand it inwardly is a kind of revolutionary change in our thinking and perceiving ourselves. This way of thinking and feeling is supposed to lead us to shift the definition who we really are. The author goes very far and let us feel and act as God. We are oneness with God ,so we are God. From this our new Divine perspective , with our new Divine identity everything looks differently. We may feel creators with a huge ability to take a lot of advantages from  possibilities we meet in everyday life. It is the foundation how to reach the wishes fulfilled life. Most of our attention is supposed to be placed into inner world instead of  outer world. Another crucial areas contain imagination and feelings. Imagination is our unlimited tool and we may put there anything and everything. What we can imagine we need to feel clearly in our body. Imagination and feelings open for us the way to our unconscious mind. What the author underlines constantly that our unconscious mind is connected to One Divine Mind where everything is available from the past and in the future. We are not able to use this Divine support just only acting physically in order to achieve our goals. The process must be practiced in the present tense not in the future. The force and willingness to manifest our wishes have to be stronger than the resistance coming constantly from other people and outer circumstances. There is a huge challenge and something absolutely different what we used to do through the whole life. Most of us is shaped mainly through the outer world. It is all in a short and you may read it in many books but Wane Dyer’s teaching is exceptional. The whole book contains a lot of spiritual positive creative energy, plenty of his faith in people, his unique explanation of the process which he was practicing successfully  during his entire life.

„I am inviting you to be receptive to a radical new idea about yourself. It’s radical because ever since you left your mother’s womb , you have been subjected to cultural conditioning designed to help you be content with living a „normal life” at the level of ordinary consciousness, which generally means accepting whatever life hands you. In many ways you have been programmed to believe that you do not possess the wisdom or ability to manifest the fulfillment of your wishes and desires.”

„I have been explaining the importance of thoughts, thinking, self-concepts and imagination. These are all invisible formulations that you enact. Your imagination and your concept of yourself are formless thoughts that you can change. Recreate your thoughts – making your imagination your own private inner territory – and ultimately you will act based on how you have used this amazing power that you possess. Furthermore, allowing your highest self to rule – thinking like God thinks – means all things are possible”.

„The validity of a universal subconscious mind that is the only one mind is a concept that ego struggles to understand. It is of the highest order of importance if you want to master the art of manifestation.”

El Hierro - the view from the Mirador de La Peña





El Hierro
As I mentioned El Hierro is the smallest island of the Canary Islands. I was very curious and excited to visit the last island of the archipelago which I had not visited before. The flights between islands are served by airlne company called Binter Canarias. Their fleet consists of  the small propeller-powered aircrafts. The flight from Tenerife – North Airport to El Hierro takes only 40 minutes bit is very interesting. It is possible to see an aerial view of Tenerife and  another Canary Island – La Gomera which is located on the flight path to El Hierro. The plane landed in the airport located in Valverde – 7 km from a small town that is the capital of El Hierro. The very small and cosy airport with the runway around 100 m from the coastline. We found a minibus to Valverde and it was an occasion to say hello El Hierro.  A half full minibus was going on the serpentine road up becasue  this area has an elevation around 600 metres. Waiting for another bus it was a chance to walk in Valverde and see closely this quite old architecture and feel a quiet atmosphere of the capital :-) Our hotel was booked in La Restinga the southermost poin of the Island. It was very exciting for me to see on the map only this small village in this part of the island and imagine our stay there. La Restinga is a lovely place famous of diving centres. However in February when is off season a village was nearly empty. Just a few narrow and crossed streets but with a nice and interesting harbour. It was really great pleasure to see this place during 5 days. Just behind the village very poor but amazing colcanic landscape. Nothing just the hard lava which formed small mountains and hills and fantastic coastline. We could walked around without seeing anybody, just exotic landscape. The southern part of the island is absolutely empty apart from La Restinga. El Hierro has only 278 square km and 10 000  population. We may call it a tiny island but very exciting. 5 days stay is absolutely not enough  to travel across the island in a moderate pace and contemplate its beauty and mystery. I like El Hierro the most out of all Canary Islands.

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Tenerife - Puerto de la Cruz






My first journey to Tenerife took place in 2008. In the meantime I visited the island once. This time was third because of convenient and affordable return flight from Tenerife to El Hierro. Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary Islands and El Hierro the smallest.
Tenerife South Airport welcomed us with a good warm weather being a contrast to English winter cold. The airport is very busy and full with people, coaches and other vehicles. Waiting for a bus to Puerto de la Cruz I could see taking off planes every 5-10 minutes. It is a huge business all year round. A bus goes to Puerto de la Cruz around the island and it takes around an hour and a half. A lot has changed for the better there. A bit colder and cloudy but you may sea a beautiful town located between the ocean and volcanic rocks. The town is often visited by tourists but still not crowded, quiet , very attractive, safe, hospitable and a lot more. Every evening you may hear played nice music in a few places. Puerto de la Cruz has its unrepeatable spirit and beauty. There is a beautiful few kilometres walk along the ocean from one side of the town to other. Normally you may see  a great view of Mount Teide above but this time was covered by clouds most of the time.
I don’t like to travel to the same place again but Puerto de la Cruz is an exception and I loved to be there. The main tourist attraction and destination is  Loro Park. It is the zoo but unusual zoo. It is located in the beautifully maintained evergreen park. Visiting the zoo takes a few hours at least . It is not boring to stay there even the whole day long. The most exciting thing in Loro Park are shows performed by orcas, dolphins, sea lions and parrots. These shows are really top quality and animals and trainers seem to be happy during the performance. Puerto de la Cruz is linked by bus with the heart of Tenerife – Teide National Park. The huge area presenting unusual wild and fabulous landscape. Everywhere hard old lave forming this enormous crater with many rock formations. Everything located over 2000 m above sea level. Sometimes Puerto de la Cruz is with clouds but Teide Park welcomes us with a clear blue sky. Most of the area of the park is located at the bottom of the volcano El Teide – the highest peak of Spain /3700 m above sea level/ It was only three days long stay in Tenerife but very exciting an engrossing. Maybe I will go there forth times ? :-)  We have started to thing about our flight to El Hierro….

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Not too often a graffiti presents anything worthy of note. I was happy to find this graffiti on the footbridge. It has coaxed me to think about forgiveness again and finally to write a post.  We may feel a victim or executioner. As a victim we experience and feel permanent grievance to others blaming them for our suffering. As an executioner we may blame ourselves for our deeds from the past.  Both of predicaments are emotionally hard and destructive.  Most of us bear this huge grudge for the whole life without even awareness of  its very dangerous negativity. These hard feelings decrease our personal energetic vibrations and become a strong frame limiting our possibilities of experiencing more happiness in our lives. Most of us think and feel that an executioner doesn’t deserve forgiveness and evaluate that process as illogical. A constructive attitude toward forgiveness presume that an executioner is not the most important person in the entire process. Forgiveness brings advantages mainly to  a forgiver. It breaks binding and harmful ties and frees a  forgiver from an executioner for ever. It let to heal the past and opens widely a gate for the future. Personal energy increases automatically and is able to attract more happiness into a forgiver life. Forgiveness is absolutely purifying and changes the perspective of a forgiver. When we permanently bear a sense of guilt because of our deeds from the past we are a victim an executioner in one person. We experience very similar mental and emotional suffering like in a case of blaming others. Our personal energetic vibrations are similarly decreased. First of all we need to be aware of possessing the right to forgive yourself every even the worst deed from the past. I think so that is our right given straight from God. It is a chance given us to have the possibility to improve yourself and other things around us. Absolutely yes – forgiveness is a miracle and works wonders for us …..








The five senses and conscious mind are commonly appreciated among us in the modern world. Rational thinking and human conscious mind let us to walk through our lives with a sense of orientation. An ability to find yourself in the material world definitely requires using these basic tools. Most of us believe that everything what we call real comes from these two sources. Of course such a level of awareness dominated by the rational capacity  lets people to live, survive, work, get married, have children etc. In other words all is well. However there is the very limited worldview. First of all our subconscious mind decidedly plays the more important role in our lives than the conscious mind. It happens regardless we are aware of that or not. It is the fact. Our lives are led from the subconscious level in over 90 %. What does it mean ? We think we made an independent choice using the five senses and rational thinking. We are in a serious error because nothing can appear in our material world what had not been before in our subconscious mind. In other words we are led thorough the life by the emotional and mental patterns located in the subconscious mind. These patterns were shaped by our parents, school education or environment. We didn’t choose them. They were simply implanted into our unconscious mind. Generally speaking most of us is not aware of that situation. This doesn’t mean we are doomed for such a state of mind. We are able to reprogram our unconscious mind. To be honest it is a huge challenge and most of us never bother to make a serious effort in this matter. The conscious mind belongs to us, the unconscious one is the part of the Universal Divine Mind. This Divine Magical Space is the source of all creations, the source of everything. In order to change the level of our awareness, the level of our conscious mind we need to face the fact that we comes from this Divine Universe. If we don’t do it we are separated from the countless possibilities to make our life more happy, more abundant, more valuable, more aware, more mature and so on …
The world beyond the conscious mind helps us to lead the valuable and mature life in our material reality. The journey to the Divine Magical Space lets us to come back to our material reality and successfully to spot all things from absolutely different, wider Divine perspective. For the first time we transformed ourselves and got the inspiration, power and ability to transform consciously our personal material reality.






We live our five senses lives in the material environment. Most of us confine ourselves living the life limited by this narrow perspective. To my mind the art of the life is to live in the same material environment but perceive all things through the prism of the Divine perspective. In order to shift our point of view we need to spot and experience a sense of Divine space inside us. It is the essence of our existence. It is the source that can enrich our five senses lives. Sometimes happens that a person lives two parallel lives. One from the spiritual level  and other from the five senses level. There is a dual attitude.  The art of life is ability to build a bridge between these two areas and unite them. Such kind of oneness let us to see and feel  that everything we perceive using our five senses has deeper Divine order and meaning. Living the life which is constantly supported and possesses more security, faith, love or guidance makes us happier and brings a peace of mind. We become braver to dream and throw down challenges. Loneliness disappears and never come back. We feel like teenagers having awareness of our eternal Divine element.





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Kiedy nasza matka dowiedziala sie ze jest w ciazy tym samym pojawila sie nasza pierwsza tozsamosc jako dziecka. Teraz jeszcze przed narodzinami przyszla matka zazwyczaj zna plec dziecka i to kolejny element pojawiajacej sie tozszamosci dziecka poloczony z imieniem i nazwiskiem. Pozniej nasza tozsamosc rozwija sie i stajemy sie przedszkolakami, uczniami, nastolatkami,studentami, pracownikami, szefami, rodzicami i tak to sie wszystko powtarza. Wiekszosc ludzi patrzy wlasnie tak na swoja zyciowa tozsamosc, nie wykraczajac poza materialne ramy. Nawet jesli pojawiaja sie jakies religijne mysli zwiazane z dusza czy tym co dzieje sie z nami po smierci to zazwyczaj nie maja one wiekszego i glebszego wplywu na poczucie tozsamosci. Codzienna materialna rzeczywistosc przeslania wszystko i wymaga ogromnego wysilku aby przechodzic z jednego dnia do drugiego. Stajemy sie nieswiadomymi trybikami ekonomicznej machiny.  Ciagle dazenie do czegos, zmaganie sie z roznymi zyciowymi sutuacjami wywoluje cala game roznych emocji. Czesto dominuja zmartwienia i lek o jutro albo chec zdobywania wiecej i wiecej za wszelka cene. Niewielu ludzi posiada wewnetrzny spokoj i harmonie podazajac jakas zrownowazona indiwidualnie wypracowana sciezka.Jesli przychodza do nas mysli o naszej duszy to przewaznie mamy poczucie, ze jest ona dodatkiem do naszego ciala. Od pewnego czasu moje odczuwanie staje sie powoli zupelnie odwrotne, a mianowicie nasze cialo jest tylko dodatkiem do wiecznej duszy. Tym samym zaczynam doswiadczac, ze nasza prawdziwa tozsamosc jest niematerialna i wieczna. Czy zatem jestem kims kto deprecjonuje nasze zycie materialne ? Oczywiscie, ze nie. Chodzi mi jedynie o uchwycenie innej o wiele szerszej niematerialnej perspektywy naszego istnienia. Patrzac i odczuwajac zycie przez pryzmat naszej wiecznej duszy zmienia sie cale postrzeganie swiata materialnego i naszej tozsamosci. Nasze obecne zycie fizyczne jest tylko jednym z kolejnych wcielen na drodze naszej duszy do rozwoju i doswiadczania zycia ziemskiego. Taka perspektywa pozwala uchwycic lepiej nasza codziennosc, przewartosciowac wiele spraw,  nabrac dystansu do siebie i otoczenia. Wiele spraw, ktorym poswiecalismy czas i energie latami moga sie okazac nie warte tego. Nalezy pamietac, ze nasza prawdziwa tozsamosc jest zawsze doskonala poniewaz ma swoje Boskie zrodlo.  






Gozo is the second largest inhabited island of the Republic of Malta and covers only 64 square kilometers. Around 10 km journey by a ferry takes less than one hour. The Malta Island is very good linked linked with Gozo by ferries. Ferries are quite big and able to transfer cars as well. It was a big pleasure to sail and sea the Malta Island from the sea. My trip to Gozo was one day excursion and I decided to visit the place which seemed to be the most interesting to me – the Dwejra Bay. It was excellent choice and I could spend a few hours walking and enjoying fabulous views, beautiful coastline and rock formations. The landscape of Gozo and the entire country of Malta is quite flat but unusual about colours of rocks and its shapes. I think so I haven’t seen anything like that so far. I am still impressed. When I was coming back to the ferry passenger terminal I intuitively wanted to see the capital of Gozo Rabat. Its population is around 7000 inhabitants. The old part of town was really worth to visit and surprised me a lot. This day in Gozo was a gift for me. Everything was absolutely fine.

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The third largest island of the Republic of Malta is Comino. It sounds funny because Comino covers only 3.5 square kilometers in area. It was one of the smallest islands I have ever been. There is only one or two hotels. Comino is linked with Malta Island by small ferries sailing regularly during the day. The distance is just a few kilometers. The destination for ferries in Comino is the Blue Lagoon. The water is really blue, one of the best I have ever seen. Additionally a coastline is unusual too. I spend a few hours in Comino and walked around the island. On foot it is not such tiny :-) Maltese landscape looks poor but remains unrepeatable. During return sail from Comino the boat was sailing very close to the coastline of Comino let us admire from short distance the rocks and caves. It was absolutely fantastic experience.

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